On July 7, 2017, ECHA added one new substances of very high concern (SVHC) to the REACH candidate list. The SVHC list is now at 174 substances. The new SVHC and common usage is found in the table below.




Reason for Inclusion

Where Used

Perfluorohexane-1-sulphonic acid and its salts   355-46-4 (for the acid)


No specific CAS for the salts of the acid


vPvB (very persistent and very bioaccumulative) ·      Formerly used in firefighting foam and carpet treatment

·      Stain and water repellent

·      Some R&D applications as a process chemical

·      Paper and packaging

·      Non-stick cookware

As REACH continues to update and evolve, it is very important to have the ability to determine individual component compliance in a real-time environment with access to the latest compliance information from your suppliers. Of similar importance is the ability to have a direct communication link to the contacts at your suppliers who author and provide the compliance data that you need. Green Data Exchange provides this today.

Please continue to check the Q Point Technology Blog for recent news on regulatory changes, including REACH updates.


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